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Using Martingale theory, we study statistics of the negative records of stochastic entropy production in nonequilibrium steady states, and derive universal inequalities for such distributions of records.

Furthermore, we explore the implications of our results in two non-equilibrium nanoscopic systems: single-electron transistors and molecular motors.

Experimental data from Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes exposed to various human pathogens shows that host mortality becomes severe only once the pathogen population has reached its carrying capacity within the host.

In the talk, I will present our theory and compare predictions against experimental data.

Retrieved from 2 - You acknowledge that is providing data to enhance understanding of American singles and their lives.assumes no legal liability or responsibility, gives no warranty, expressed or implied, and makes no claim as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of the data for any particular purpose.

Little is known about extreme-value statistics of thermodynamic fluxes characterising the most extreme deviations from the average behaviours.

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It is well-known that pathogens exhibit a very broad spectrum of strategies to accomplish these three tasks, yet, phenomenological indicators such as the LT50 cannot distinguish the ability of the pathogen to invade the host from its ability to kill the host.

Here, we propose a physical host-pathogen theory that shows how to disentangle colonization, growth, and pathogen lethality from the survival kinetics of a host population.

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