Updating your x box

Hopefully that will include the impressive-looking avatars that Microsoft teased earlier this year.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 come with a 500GB as standard.

You can transfer games to external drives easily with the new dashboard, or copy games over a home network to another console.

You can even download 4K content for some games on an Xbox One, ready for when the Xbox One X ships.

It will also display notifications when your Xbox is idle.

A lot of the new dashboard is preparation for Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console.

Pinned games will even show activity feeds, so you can see when a friend is playing a particular title.

When you first get your console 500GB might seem like plenty, but with AAA game install sizes reaching the 40GB mark for the huge open-world titles, that 500GB hard drive will soon fill up.

Plus, we hate the thought of having to delete games to make space for new ones.

You can switch between different sections using the Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.

Sign-in, achievements, parties / LFG, friends, Home, messages, broadcasts, and a new action center (with settings) now form part of the updated guide.

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If you were a fan of the Xbox 360 style of UI, then this brings back some of those lighter elements.

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