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I just offered you a deal that would make me happy, since I haven't been laid in like, well, a few years." Her mouth fell open, and she was about to say something spiteful and mean.

This gave her the nickname by her lovers of La Portuguesa.

Barefoot she walked into the shady garden behind the gas station. "Before you change your mind let's get to it." "I agree," she replied. Now get to it." She noticed he was sticking a new finger into the petroleum jelly, then finger her ass with it, going deeper with each violation. And that little anus, mm." She felt something new rubbing her anus next, something softer than fingers with nails, but something larger, too. She had always heard fat guys had small cocks, and she hoped he did, too. He was gentle with her, and pulled out, then pressed in, then out, and then in. She began to breathe faster and groan more, but the big fat man was not relenting. She began to like how his huge cock slid in and out of her rectum slowly. It no longer ached when he bottomed out, and she found herself pushing her ass back as he thrust. They stared down at her being fucked in the ass with obvious lust. "Take a picture, it might last longer," she replied defiantly, breathing hard from cumming. She was frozen in place having a long, quivering orgasm that lasted. Then he got behind her as Tom got up and pulled his pants up.

He rubbed it, then slowly inserted his fat finger, and she hissed with discomfort at the violation. One tendril was tattooed all the way down her crack, and to her pussy. "I was stung by them as a little girl, and terrified of them. It stretched, and stretched, and stretched some more. "Go slow." She concentrated on the pretty scenery around her. As she thought about the world around her, her anus stretched wide, and she felt something large and painful go deeper into her. There was an intense eroticism associated with anal sex that appealed to her. She tried to imagine having a penis and what it felt like for it to be fucking an asshole. She grunted and tensed as he pushed his whole cock into her. With his whole length in her, he began to play with her tits and finger her more, and it felt really good. With relaxation came pleasure inside her rectum, and her muscles inside no longer resisting the violation. Keep rubbing my clit while you fuck me." He did so, and began pulling almost all the way out, and then back in. Then a second man appeared, older but even more handsome. They didn't have money to cover the gas she just used. They did not approve of their dad getting his rocks off for over a hundred bucks in gas. She spluttered cum as he pulled his cock out, and it dribbled down her chin. My brother here needs to forget about another girl that broke his heart." Orcus was still hard, his cock dripping with cum and her saliva.

Besides, she wouldn't change her old rusty jeep for anything else. She was raised by nudists that lived in the sandy dunes of Padre Island. Jet black hair, brown eyes, browned skin and strong Hispanic features on a petite, slim frame was embedded with her personality of being a nymph. Or I will have to call the sheriff." "Well, is there a town nearby where I can get cash out?

There had to be a lake or some place to go for a swim. Adventurous by herself, shy of strangers, a modest flirter, but harboring deeply dark, sinful desires, Martina was every man's dream and nightmare combined as one. No Credit Cards." She stared at her, not understanding.

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Utterly at his mercy, she felt her dress lifted up over her ass, and then his fingers touching her anus with jelly on it. " Her tattoo was right above her ass, with thin blue tendrils spreading out over her ass. He pushed his cock against her anus harder, and she hissed. She felt her anus stretch to take the foreign object that was a man's hard penis. A breeze rustled through the trees, and felt good on her bare ass. Though they were in the shade, the heat made them both sweat. Let's get this over with." She doubted he was going to stop now, being a man. Then the bastard thrust deep into her rectum, filling it with his whole length, anus stretched wide. She gasped from the pleasure of that touch, and it helped her relax. It still feels so intense." He reached around and played with her pussy, a finger finding her clitoris and rubbing it gently. She shuddered as he touched it, the pleasure intense mixed with the stretching pain of her asshole, and her rectum muscles being widened. She looked up at the young man as she came, and realized that his handsomeness was part of why she had come. Black hair slicked back, tanned skin, and Latin and Anglo features fixed into perfect harmony. But then he stopped as a heated discussion took place. She also felt cum explode into her mouth as Orcus pulled out just enough to fill it.

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