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We have the funniest, cheesiest, sleaziest and nerdiest pick up lines on the internet.Our huge collection of chat up lines is sorted into 152 categories based on theme. dating and speed dating, as well as a huge list of unique date ideas in the dating advice section.But this reasonable assertion was utterly undermined in its effect by the absurd illiteracy of his language.So even if you are inclined to think that Trump might be on to something in his critique of Obama foreign policy, you should be alarmed by the prospect of a potential American president who might address foreign leaders, and deal with global crises, with so little grasp of the consequences of what he is saying.In other words, a mutual defence treaty is meaningless without an accepted commitment to mutual defence.If Mr Corbyn really wants to abolish Nato, with all the global ramifications that would entail – as he apparently once declared that he did – then he should say so. Instead, he will continue to mouth mystical pieties about “a world where we don’t need to go to war” and hope that his followers are as oblivious as he is to the implications of what he is saying.Only days before, his leadership rival, Owen Smith, had suggested that we should negotiate with Isil, which seemed to indicate that he knew nothing of the deliberately non-negotiable nature of its goal – which is to destroy Western democracy.

ut most relevant to our purpose here is that Mr Corbyn seemed to have no understanding of the significance of what he was saying.Under normal definitions, this means that the president of the United States and his former secretary of state deliberately undertook the establishment of a terrorist organisation whose aim was to destroy the West.In other words, he was apparently accusing them of the worst form of sedition.In his sublimely mild tone, he insisted that he “did not wish to go to war”.(I doubt that any of us actually “wish to go to war”, Jeremy.) He then outlined his dream: “What I want to do is achieve a world where we don’t need to go to war, where there is no need for it.

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