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This section could easily be split into multiple sections, with five to ten commands each.

Keep in mind that most merge situations are never this simple, and problems can arise in the merge process, which can be difficult to solve.The more you work with Git - or any version control system, for that matter - the less you’ll spend simply taking () snapshots.Maintaining (both local and remote) and ensuring your local and remote repositories stay in sync can be incredibly time consuming.[block:image] [/block] Editing the **Estimated Hrs Remaining** is a manual way of recording how much time you estimate the task will take.This is a great way to communicate that the time it will take for the task to be completed may be different to the **Allocated Hrs Remaining.** For example if you have 1 hour of **Allocated Hrs Remaining**, but an **Estimated Hrs Remaining** of 3, This would indicate that the task is going to go over budget by 2 hours.

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