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A JWT is a compact, URL-safe means of transferring information between two parties.The information contained in JWTs are known as "claims", or assertions of information about the bearer and subject of the token.See the following section for information on id_tokens claims, as well as a sample id_token.

Example SAML Value: Indicates how the subject was authenticated, as opposed to the client in the Application Authentication Context Class Reference claim.

When your app receives an id_token, it must validate the signature to prove the token's authenticity and validate a few claims in the token to prove its validity.

The claims validated by an app vary depending on scenario requirements, but there are some common claim validations that your app must perform in every scenario.

In addition, new claims can be introduced into id_tokens at any point in time - your app should not break as new claims are introduced.

The following list includes the claims that your app can reliably interpret at the time of this writing.

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