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I turn to Clue, a cycle tracker, as a prime example of empowering messaging in the women’s health space.Their tagline: “Confident, scientific & NOT pink.” I encourage Mira to understand women’s needs from tracking and marketing perspectives.Overall, I recommend Mira for its motivational tracking and stylish design.

According to a Rock Health report, so far this year through third quarter 2015, nine women’s health companies have raised a total of million compared to million in 2014 and million in 2011.And I bet you could wear this to a formal event, where it would blend in perfectly with classy evening attire.One feature that sets Mira apart from other wearables is “Boosts,” which includes motivational fitness and wellness tips that the user can activate within the app by pressing “Need Inspiration.” After I completed a Boost, you can click “I Did This! You have options for how you want to wear your Mira: Besides the bracelet, you can remove the Opal and clip it to your bra, belt loop or pocket, which is helpful based on the activities you have planned for the day: Walk with it in your pocket, do a gym session with it clipped to your sports bra and then wear it at the office on your arm. With a band of metal around my wrist, I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable wearing it while running—but I was pleased to find out that I didn’t even feel it while working out.There is room to improve on the ease of use, the opal display (both with responsiveness and capacity to show more than one metric) and messaging, but I’m interested in seeing how Mira develops to meet women’s needs in the future.Although Zeynep is a social media expert for a living, she knows real life happens outside of your facebook feed.

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It stereotypes women’s interests, suggesting that we all gravitate toward a bottle of wine or chocolate.

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