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This book provides that needed background." - James Feathers, , Vol. 1"This book is an important and up-to-date reference on a dating method that is playing an increasing role in dating sediments of archeological interest.

Aitken has set out to offer an understanding of the basic principles and procedures in optical dating, as well as its scope and limitations.

In the last decade ALRL has pioneered the measurement of single mineral grains as a method for identifying those grains which were reset, providing methods for dating such complex sediments.

Recent developments in luminescence technologies applied to sediment dating is used to better constrain the age of archaeological events.

Suitable geoarchaeological material includes sediments and fired objects, such as pottery and burnt stones.

This complex and modular system provides an efficient and sustainable purification treatment method that is applicable to practically all pollutant sources and in all climatic and environmental conditions.

It relies on phytotechnology, and is based on the activity of plants together with microorganism communities in the root zone.

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This rather technical book is designed almost as a manual for the extraction and evaluation of dates by the method usually known as OSL (optically stimulated luminescence), an approach similar to TL but applied to sediment grains, usually sand or loessic silt, younger than about half a million years in age. fashion by Aitken."--"If anyone can be considered the father of luminescence dating, it is Martin Aitken.

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