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So, if you want to try online dating or are currently spending money on it, this article is for you.

Here are the four problems with online dating every guy should know before he starts finding women on the web. So, where do they go once they’ve burned a bunch of local bridges?

Often these can come out in her dating profile too. If you can’t get a date in the “real world” then internet dating won’t solve your problems.

If you said power, confidence, humor, and other abstract traits, then you’d be correct! If you’re not, your value as a man may be hard to express to women.Online dating problems usually start with profiles. And, they’ll reject you outright, before you can even prove it.Rather than looking for the intangibles they sense when meeting a man, women go straight to the measurements, stats, and traits of their ideal man. Sadly, trying to show your value on the net often comes across as bragging. Almost every major internet dating site is numerically stacked against guys.However, I have to be brutally honest about the problems with online dating.There are so many issues that I only recommend online dating under certain, limited circumstances (more on that later).

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