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Sex on the brain The statue is notable not just for its symbolism, but for its style — particularly its sexuality.

"The figure is explicitly — and blatantly — that of a woman, with an exaggeration of sexual characteristics (large, projecting breasts, a greatly enlarged and explicit vulva, and bloated belly and thighs) that by twenty-first-century standards could be seen as bordering on the pornographic," Mellars wrote in a commentary essay in Clara has a bachelor's degree in astronomy and physics from Wesleyan University, and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Birth centers offer a more relaxed and intimate alternative to hospitals for women expecting uncomplicated births.

Narrator: For her son Safi's birth, she was given pitocin to speed up labor, an epidural for pain management, and an episiotomy (a surgical cut to widen the vaginal opening).Early carvings of phalluses appeared in Europe at about the same time.Little ' Venus' The tiny statue is carved out of the tusk of a woolly mammoth and is less than 2.5 inches (60 millimeters) long.The oldest human art dates back much further, to between 75,000 and 95,000 years ago in Africa.But that art was abstract, and consisted of geometrical designs engraved on pieces of red iron oxide.

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If human culture seems obsessed with sex lately, it's nothing new.

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