Intimidating people with your eyes

Look, just give me the damn two fives and a ten so I can get out of this line./Yep, I'm awkward. I have social anxiety and it has been incredibly debilitating in my life.But for me I didn't have that till my 20's - it was sort of self created and from there it really spiralled.Thankfully though it isn't all encompassing, and to some extent I'm learning to deal with it through various means and through a greater understanding of life in general. I intentionally changed job positions at work, (went from receiving to a cashier position) in order to make myself deal with dealing with people, and it's been very successful.But anyway, through it all I still have terrific one on one moments with people, and I live for them. Actually, I'm not sure if I had a cohesive point in this second post, so, er, yeah. I no longer had the option of ignoring people, so I had to figure out how to deal with it on my own terms. I find eye contact is very important when you're a single woman who lives alone in a bad neighborhood.This will be enough to get you through most conversations. In these cases, the speaker may eventually realize that your gaze is off by a few degrees.You've been listening attentively, though, nodding at appropriate moments and verbalizing a few agreeable , and what he'll think is that it's actually his gaze that has shifted.

There are way too many people who try to take advantage of you, thinking you're naive, not fiscally responsible, easily manipulated, etc., and I make direct eye contact with strangers to remind them that I'm not someone they want to fark with.

What puts people off is someone droning monotonously from his notes, not the fact that his nose is down in the lectern while he does it.

What your teacher trainer never acknowledges is that no matter the quality of his presentation, because they find it more helpful to look at their texts, notes, the board, or the screen than at the space above his pie hole.

It's sometimes very surprising how the most confidant guy who's 2 feet taller than me gets backed into the proverbial corner because of that./sometimes I have to do the crazy Michelle Bachmann eyes if they feel like challenging me//but not often Yes this is dog: Joelogon: [image 575x484]What the hell is wrong with you?

Now my kids can't get to sleep./That was worse than what shows up in an insect/spider thread. (to be honest I didn't see it because I was looking for Igor, silly me) and who told you those were MY boobies...farkin big-mouths! I was taught that it's very rude NOT to make eye contact.

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