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Currently, This series is centred around two young lovers, Taani Banerjee and Anurag Ganguly.Teenagers Taani and Anurag studied in the same school and have been buddies since childhood, their respective fathers have also been best friends.Says Manorama Sood, homemaker from Sector 28, "Since mountains are cold by this time of the year, Diwali means cooking rich food, holding a puja and lighting a fire.Though they are outdated, sweets like kheel, pathasha, and pathanda (something like the South-Indian dosa) are a must-have on this day.When he succeeds, Nupur suddenly returns and threatens suicide before Anurag accepts her in urgency, though he still loves Taani.Finally, in a family function, Anurag declares his love for Taani and proposes to her, they get married.

"Kali Puja is performed individually at homes and as sarvjanim together in groups," says Joy Deep Ghosh, an employee of a telecom company in Mohali.Saddened, Taani thinks Anurag still loves Nupur and goes to convince her to return.Anurag gets to know about Taani helping him to find work and bringing back Nupur, and vows to woo her again.Both their engagements are scheduled for the same day, but owing to fate, Sushant leaves Taani, dubious of her and Anurag, and Nupur leaves Anurag for a modelling assignment abroad.To save their families, they get engaged and decide to carry on the charade.

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