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Roman says you should do the deal and forget about your differences with Dimitri, whereas Kate believes you shouldn't compromise what you believe in for money.

Two icons are placed on the radar - a red dagger representing 'revenge' and a green dollar sign representing 'deal'.

Afterwards, Niko calls Bernie to inform him of the situation.

Meet Jimmy at the Honkers club in Tudor - he has another favour to ask.

UPDATE ONE: While it was hoped that some kind of Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer would be shown during Super Bowl 2017, the sporting event has now passed without the hint of a RDR 2 teaser.

After reluctantly agreeing to do the deal for Jimmy, Niko calls Roman and then Kate for some advice.A new Take-Two Interactive earnings report is scheduled for Tuesday, February 7 and is likely to include at least references to the new game.Going on past TTI events, it seems likely that there will be discusions related to both the future of GTA 5 Online and Red Dead Redemption 2.The Pegorinos are in all kinds of trouble, and Jimmy needs you to do a deal with some Russians as a last attempt to save the family business.Jimmy has found a buyer for the heroin that Phil made you steal in the mission "Truck Hustle," but Jimmy needs you to work Dimitri in order to sell it.

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