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Fritz antagonized the Monster with a torch and a whip. The Monster did not understand the world and needed to be taught how to live.

A reasonable person could subjectively believe their life was in danger if fire is shoved in their face. Waldman was going to dissect the Monster in order to kill him. This required giving him what any child needs, love, understanding, and compassion.

Turn to websites like Christian Mingle and Jdate (for Jewish singles) to emphasize just how important a role religion plays when it comes to building that connection.

The “justice” issued to the Monster was the equivalent of lynch mob hunting a four-year old with torches.The question remains, what justice was there for Dr. Henry Frankenstein brought the Monster to life, cobbled together from stolen bodies and an abnormal brain.The Monster first killed Fritz, who had tortured the Monster with fire and a whip. Waldman, who drugged the Monster in self-defense, and was going to perform a dissection of the still living Monster to kill him.“Geekiness” has gone from a pejorative term to one that implies an endearing quirkiness.But for those who still feel out of bounds when it comes to dating, fearing that their love for "Star Trek," anime, comics or cosplay may bring rejection, there’s Soul Geek.

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At its core, the classic film is a reanimated Pygmalion, where torturing a person turns him into a killer.

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