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Tiffany watched them change and made minor adjustments to their outfits with an obsessive eye, Joseph was kitted out with a black leather harness, the straps crisscrossing his muscular body, his dark brown skin was almost pure black and with the oil added he shone and glistened in the artificial light of their assigned rooms.Felicity helped oil his massive body, rubbing some into his hair and pulling it back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck, while Amy rubbed it on his lower regions, shyly but expertly slathering his prodigious cock with oil, making it stand out, semi erect with her gentle administrations.They fitted him with strong and heavy boots that came to his knees and laced them up, Felicity had to admit to herself that he looked magnificent, his dark complexion complimented the black leather and he looked very strong and handsome, his cock and balls looked even bigger than she remembered and she wondered what it would feel like to have something that big inside her.Joseph watched as Felicity was stripped naked, she was small, five feet three inches, pale and slim with large breasts that jiggled as she moved around the room.

A large amount of cleavage on display, while the hem did not fully cover her lovely pale buttocks or completely hide the trimmed reddish gold triangle between her legs.Game time would see all that change, yet here and now, everyone was getting on famously, enjoying the grounds, fabulous food and excellent champagne.Sir David rang a small bell, the soft tinkling sound had the crowd moving towards him at a leisurely pace, there was no hurry yet, he would not start until he was sure everyone was present and he had their undivided attention.They knew that once the events started, they would have to go back to being Mistress and Pet, but for now they were happy to just wander the palatial grounds and take in the scenery.Others were doing the same, Tiffany gave a friendly wave to one of her rivals, it was returned along with a warm smile.

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