Dynamic client configuration updating policy information

DHCP client updates the A RR, DHCP server updates the PTR RR. The IP-address-to-FQDN mapping is updated by a DHCP server in both cases.The reason these two are important, while others are unlikely, has to do with authority over the respective DNS domain names.

For some security contexts or for performance, it may be advisable to restrict what clients can query DNS records in the zone.Note that clients managed via this API are modeled as applications in Okta and appear in the Applications section of the Administrator dashboard.Changes made via the API appear in the UI and vice versa.The Dynamic Client Registration API provides operations to register and manage client applications for use with Okta’s OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect endpoints.This API largely follows the contract defined in RFC7591: OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Protocol and Open ID Connect Dynamic Client Registration 1.0.

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