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C12 and C13 are stable carbon isotopes, while C14 (radiocarbon) is a radioactive isotope. In the atmosphere, C14 combines with oxygen to make CO2, which is then incorporated in plants by photosynthesis, and subsequently in animals eating the plants, eventually reaching the entire biosphere.

However, most of the finds from the ice cannot be dated by typology.

They are artefacts in organic materials and often unique – not found anywhere else. In the 1940ies, the American scientist Willard Libby developed a method for dating organic materials, so-called radiocarbon dating.

This major groundwork was laid down by the archaeologists of the late 19 We mainly use typological dating for arrows and arrowheads in glacier archaeology.

The pioneer work in this respect is Oddmunn Farbregd’s book on Iron Age and Medieval arrow chronology from 1972, based on the finds from the Oppdal Mountains in Norway.

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At the same time, very few of our finds from ice are younger than the Medieval Period.

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