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“You don’t have to rub my feet.” “I saw you wince when you kicked your shoes off. ” She dropped her chin to her chest and shook her head. From college to the pros, women had gravitated to him like he was an irresistible magnet. But when she gave instructions, people moved and moved fast.And heard you sigh.” “It’s been a long night on very high heels,” she said with a laugh. But this tux is killing me.” He loosened the bow tie and unbuttoned the top two buttons, then shrugged out of his jacket. And he’d never been one to turn down a beautiful woman who wanted to crawl into bed with him. Until tonight, until he’d seen Tara leaning against the wall of the ballroom, not participating, just watching, the sparkles on her champagne colored dress lifting the light from the chandeliers and all the candles shining around her as if she was the main event in the ballroom. Women tended to latch onto him like he was the Holy Grail, and once they did, they never let go. But Tara actually seemed more interested in doing her job than in being with him. And she seemed more than willing to get in there to do whatever needed to be handled to get the job done.She’d been polite but hadn’t fallen all over him when he’d introduced himself. She curved in all the right places, and he was fascinated by her neck, which was nicely visible, since her blonde hair was pulled up in a fancy hairstyle that didn’t suit her at all. She stared out the window, still wondering what the hell she was doing here with Mick Riley. “You’re a beautiful woman, Tara.” She turned to face him, wishing he knew the real her. She leaned into him and tilted her head back, giving him the green light.He’d bet she usually wore her hair down or in a ponytail or in one of those messy hair clip things. I’m sorry to say the elegance only comes out as part of my job. It’ll be hell getting all these pins out.” “Want me to help? But he never would, because the real Tara was light-years away from his world. You didn’t come to me.” “Maybe that’s part of my evil plan.” “Honey, I don’t think there’s a damn thing evil about you.” “I’m hardly innocent, Mick.” He took her glass and set it on the table, then grasped the lapels of the jacket and pulled her closer. ” Liquid heat rushed through her veins, opening her up to desires and emotions she hadn’t felt in far too long. “That’s right.” He shifted his fingers, and the fire he’d stoked began to burn even brighter. She’d be a fool to walk away from that, even if it was only for one night.

She had full lips and a narrow face and the prettiest brown eyes he’d ever seen. Believe me, there’s no champagne stocked in my refrigerator at home. Why hadn’t some woman grabbed him by the hair and dragged him back to her cave by now? Who knew when something this good would come along again?It had taken four months of nearly nonstop work, but as Tara took another turn around the ballroom, she nodded in satisfaction. From the glittery yet understated NFL team decorations to the amazing food to the bar setup to the incredible band, it was perfect, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. He was funny and smart, but she still didn't understand why he was talking to the help when the cream of the crop was here. "Someone beeping you in your earpiece or screaming for help? But I've never been seriously involved with any of them." "So you're saying you're a man whore? And maybe get more people coming to your games.” “Exactly. And maybe once I’d just like to be with someone who isn’t—” “Famous? Isn’t going to drag you onto the cover of the tabloids? Be with because she just wants to be with me, not because it’s good for her career.” She’d always envied people like Mick Riley and the women on his arm. “It doesn’t sound like you’re having much fun.” “Oh, on the field I have a lot of fun. She prayed the media was off interviewing someone else or taking pictures of Katrina Strauss, the latest Hollywood It girl. But Tara was certain any moment someone from management was going to drag her off the dance floor and fire her. Stokes or his assistant or anyone else on his staff, but the dance floor was too crowded. And how long had it been since she’d danced with a guy? And when he dipped her at the end of the dance, her lips parted and she let out a small gasp.Tara mingled, earpiece tucked unobtrusively in her ear so she was only seconds away from hearing about a disaster, answering any questions, or getting help if someone needed it. She monitored bar stock, checked with catering to be sure the food was hot and plentiful, and meandered in and around the crowds. And thank you again for the directions to the office." "You're welcome. “Bet you didn’t learn that in ballet class.” He brought her upright, a wicked gleam in his eyes. I might have learned a few things watching her classes.” “Your mother is a dance teacher? ” He slipped her hand in the crook of his arm and led her to his table, then pulled out a chair for her, and she sat. Though she was disappointed to have two sons who would rather be outside playing football and baseball than becoming the next Baryshnikov.” “How sad for her.” “She made up for it by having our little sister, who was forced to endure all the dance lessons.” Tara laughed. ” “Oh, she put up with them as a kid, but she would have rather been outside being tackled by my brother and me. ” Now there was a topic she didn’t want to get into. It was a lovely break.” “Come back after you see to whatever crisis you have to deal with.” “Surely by then you’ll have found some other female to hang out with.” He leaned back in his chair and picked up a glass of water, the look he gave her sending goose bumps down her arms. I’ll wait for you.” She hurried off, warmed to her toes by Mick Riley. But he intrigued her, and it had been a long time since any man had done that.Tara’s life is complicated enough without being thrust into the spotlight as Mick’s latest girl du jour.Tara played the game of love once and lost big, and she doesn’t intend to put herself out there again, especially with a heartbreaker like Mick. The field workout he'd just endured had kicked his ever lovin' ass.

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But what he’d liked best about tonight was talking to her. Your sparkly dress even matches.” She looked down at her cocktail dress. Tiny straps hung on her shoulders, the bodice dipped across the swell of her breasts, hugging them tight. With the way her life was structured, probably never.

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