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You'll soon be able to use Skype to books trips, shop, and plan your schedule, just by chatting with Cortana.During its Build conference, Microsoft demoed how Skype users will soon be able to start a chat with Cortana and get things done just by having a conversation.Other internet companies also have instant chat functions.Google Mail makes a chat function available to its users through Hangouts and Facebook also allows users to instant chat with friends using the Messenger app Instant chat, again, throws up many of the same risks familiar to social networking sites.And also looks at two websites which your children should stay well clear of.Skype is a free piece of software which people download to their mobile phone, computer or tv to make calls, video calls and texts over the internet.In addition to chat bots, Rincon also said that Skype will be adding what sound like video bots."We will also be bringing intelligence into real-time video," she says.

You can only chat with people who you have made a connection with.The site does not ask for any details from users and allows anyone to begin chatting with others.While there is an age restriction of 13 on the site, the site has no way of verifying people’s ages.It allows users to make free calls to each other wherever they are in the world.Recently, Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, added a group call feature which allows several people to be included in a call.

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